Smells like more potpourri

The end of the academic semester is upon us in the U.S. so we’re backed up with deadlines which is why we’re having Potpourri again for lunch. But tasty potpourri:

First, a curmudgeonly three-part series on things that give too little feedback or have too few buttons:

  • I just got an iPod Shuffle which uses a system of taps on an in-line remote to control music navigation. I got used to it (see instructional graphic below) quicker than I thought. But the problem is that when I jog, the remote (which is located near the right ear piece) shorts-out as I sweat. My solution: move the controls (for an extra $25…*shakes fist at apple*).
    iPod Shuffle controls are on the earphone wire

    iPod Shuffle controls are on the earphone wire

    Tapstick "case" with integrated controls

    Tapstick "case" with integrated controls

  • I just purchased a lithium battery pack that can recharge USB devices when I’m away from a power source. It has a single button, a blinking blue light, and a confused user. The button controls which direction power flows and the pattern of lights is supposed to tell you status (full, recharging, discharging, error).
  • Charger (my finger is covering button)

    Charger (my finger is covering button)

  • My mouse battery died (yes, THAT mouse) because I left it on and it jiggled around in my bag (I thought I turned it off).
  • mouse3

    I must have missed the feedback that I turned it off!

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, from around the web: