Trust & Electronic Medical Records

The Consumerist recently posted on something we haven’t tackled in our posts on electronic medical records: patient trust and privacy. The California HealthCare Foundation recently released the results of a survey on electronic medical records and consumer behavior. The survey found that 15% of people would hide things from their doctor if the medical record … Continue reading Trust & Electronic Medical Records

HFES Conference Part 6: Health & Human Factors

The medical domain is an area where human factors research is very active. Here are some highlights from the conference. Health Records The following two presentations/proceedings papers examined Personal Health Records (user-maintained medical records): Improving the user interface and adoption of online personal health records. (2009).  Peters, K. A., Green, T. F., & Shumacher, R. … Continue reading HFES Conference Part 6: Health & Human Factors

Quick note: Usability of Electronic Health Records

Related to my previous rant blog post on the un-usability of electronic health records, usability consulting company User Centric has just released two white papers on the usability of these systems. Just for clarification, electronic health records (EHRs) are what the doctor uses to manage your test results, etc., and personal health records (PHRs) are … Continue reading Quick note: Usability of Electronic Health Records

Recent Research Potpourri

Just a small plug for some recent research from Anne and me. The topics are ones that we’ve discussed on the blog:  games and cognitive training and e-health tools.  First, Anne and colleagues recently published a paper showing that playing World of Warcraft can boost some measures of cognitive abilities in older adults: The effectiveness of a … Continue reading Recent Research Potpourri