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Usability/Design/HF Potpourri

HF/Usability Hodgepodge

Things too small for their own post but interesting nonetheless…it’s a hodgepodge, a mélange, a potpourri!

HF Potpourri

Some interesting items that have passed through my reader:

  • Jerk can be emulated in software.  Cars with continuously variable transmissions sound and behave differently from other cars.  In this video, the speedometer and RPM smoothly increases (in most cars the RPM would bobble as gears shift and you’d feel a slight jerk).  I don’t know how I reached this page but Wikipedia suggests that some companies may emulate “jerk” (what you feel when the car shifts gears) to make the car feel more normal to the driver.
  • Need a quick wireframe for your website? Try Hot Gloo, an online wireframe tool [hot gloo]
  • With the coming wave of web-based health management, how do patients feel about putting so much personal health data online? [Journal of Medical Internet Research]
  • Type is about to look very different on the web []

HF/Usability Potpourri

  • bing-vs-goog-heatmapStudy Suggests People Prefer Bing’s Design To Google’s
    “The study was an intense focus group in which 12 subjects were monitored with eye-tracking cameras as they conducted searches. Afterward, they were interviewed and completed a survey.” (TechCrunch with usability report)
  • Nielsen recommends abandoning password masking in online forms2658612625_75be65cbfb_o
    “Usability suffers when users type in passwords and the only feedback they get is a row of bullets. Typically, masking passwords doesn’t even increase security, but it does cost you business due to login failures.”  (Useit via Slashdot)

Human Factors Potpourri (again)

Here are some more human factors-related items that have crossed my blog reader:

  • Twitter is hot!  Oprah recently twittered on her show and apparently fell victim to a usability problem:  the update button was non-obvious so she never posted her tweet (Touch usability)
  • Fellow HFE blog Real World Usability will be posting updates of the Ergonomics Society Conference via Twitter
  • A night at the hospital from the patient’s point of view.  Grad student Kathleen Von Eron-Sherman documents her experiences in the hospital through human factors-colored glasses (unfortunately this article is behind a pay wall or you can visit your local library).
  • The newly introduced Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 mandates that hybrid vehicles (which are whisper quiet) include noise to make them more apparent to pedestrians (AutoBlog)

HF/Design/Usability Potpourri from around the Web

Here are some links to interesting things from the past few weeks.