Living with Robots

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Living with Robots: Emerging Issues on the Psychological and Social Implications of Robotics focuses on the issues that come to bear when humans interact and collaborate with robots. The book dives deeply into critical factors that impact how individuals interact with robots at home, work and play. It includes topics ranging from robot anthropomorphic design, degree of autonomy, trust, individual differences and machine learning. While other books focus on engineering capabilities or the highly conceptual, philosophical issues of human-robot interaction, this resource tackles the human elements at play in these interactions, which are essential if humans and robots are to coexist and collaborate effectively.

Authored by key psychology robotics researchers, the book limits its focus to specifically those robots who are intended to interact with people, including technology such as drones, self-driving cars, and humanoid robots. Forward-looking, the book examines robots not as the novelty they used to be, but rather the practical idea of robots participating in our everyday lives.

Explores how individual differences in cognitive abilities and personality influence human-robot interaction
Examines the human response to robot autonomy
Includes tools and methods for the measurement of social emotion with robots
Delves into a broad range of domains – military, caregiving, toys, surgery, and more
Anticipates the issues we will encountering with robots in the next ten years
Foreword by Maggie Jackson

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