On Reality TV, Less Sleep Means More Drama : NPR

Research shows that sleep deprivation makes people emotionally volatile and temperamental — a fact that hasn’t escaped the notice of some reality TV producers. In fact, though it’s not always obvious to the audience, many reality shows feature contestants who could use a little more sleep.

This is not so different from what actual sleep researchers observe in the lab. Mary Carskadon at Brown University says sleep-deprived people tend to be emotionally volatile.

“You have the little girls on their sleepovers giggling themselves silly. But you also have people who have short tempers or easily cry,” says Carskadon. “I guess all things that do make for high drama.”

On Reality TV, Less Sleep Means More Drama : NPR

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  1. There have been a number of interesting findings out recently regarding sleep… there was one that detailed the metabolic changes in people who received less than 8-hours undisturbed sleep. It was facinating, within SIX DAYS of starting their experiment, previously healthy subjects who did not recieve a peaceful night’s sleep produced the glucosamine levels of a pre-diabetic! They had no sense of feeling ‘full’ after they ate, and found themselves eating an increased amount at meals and snacking more often.

    I can’t find the details of that particular study, but here is a previous one done that details this a little more.


    And another article detailing the possible metabolic sciences of sleep:


  2. Interesting links; a lack of sleep really has more detrimental effects that I realized and it’s quite worrisome given that many people at their jobs are sleep deprived.

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