Amazon Windowshop

Amazon has a new interface for “window shopping” on its website.  It is strangely compelling and offers something that the website lacked–that quality of just browsing what’s there without having to do too much clicking, searching, etc.  The navigation is simple and intuitive (right/left arrows) and if you stand at a window for a few seconds, a video description starts playing.  Press spacebar to “zoom out” for a more global view.

It feels like Google Maps–the “manipulatability” is satisfying.

Update:  Upon further reflection, the animation probably contributes to visual momentum.  Visual momentum is one reason why, possibly, sliding ipod menus seem nicer than regular menus in other mp3 players.

One thought on “Amazon Windowshop”

  1. This reminds me of Cooliris – a Firefox plugin I use to quickly scan images from websites like Google, Flickr or YouTube. ( I think the window shopper would be more usable if you could navigate up down and diagonally rather then in such a linear manner. I wonder if this helps them sell more things?

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