Human Factors Potpourri (again)

Here are some more human factors-related items that have crossed my blog reader:

  • Twitter is hot!  Oprah recently twittered on her show and apparently fell victim to a usability problem:  the update button was non-obvious so she never posted her tweet (Touch usability)
  • Fellow HFE blog Real World Usability will be posting updates of the Ergonomics Society Conference via Twitter
  • A night at the hospital from the patient’s point of view.  Grad student Kathleen Von Eron-Sherman documents her experiences in the hospital through human factors-colored glasses (unfortunately this article is behind a pay wall or you can visit your local library).
  • The newly introduced Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 mandates that hybrid vehicles (which are whisper quiet) include noise to make them more apparent to pedestrians (AutoBlog)