Book: Designing for Older Adults, 2nd edition

Things are quiet on the blog because Anne and I are recovering from the end of the Spring semester and we are furiously finishing our book (tentatively titled, “Designing Displays for Older Adults‘).  It will be one in a series of books in the Human Factors & Aging Series from CRC Press that will be “primers on designing for older adults.”  More details on our book later including a give-a-way!

9781420080551The first book in the Series is the second edition of Designing for Older Adults:  Principles and Creative Human Factors Approaches by Arthur Fisk, Wendy Rogers, Neil Charness, Sara Czaja, and Joseph Sharit.  The book is written in an accessible style and provides guidelines on a wide variety of topics relevant to anyone designing products or systems for use by older adults.

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2 thoughts on “Book: Designing for Older Adults, 2nd edition”

  1. I polished this off just a couple weeks ago. Really enjoyed reading it – the thoughtfulness of the actual book design was apparent. The “characteristics of older users” is just an awesome all-in-one-spot collection of what design teams should be grounded against. I definitely felt I could share the information with folks outside my HF circles. My inner child is hopeful that some of the topics will be covered in greater depth later in the series (like multimedia design and healthcare technologies).

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