911: Trying to fight slips via warnings

I got a newsletter in the mail today from the City of Raleigh. Here are some excerpts centering on the problems with our area code:


What do a child playing with a telephone, an unprotected non flip cell phone and someone dialing a ten-digit phone number in the 919 area code have in common? They all can lead to inadvertent calls to 911.

As much as 10 percent of the calls to 911 are accidental calls. If you do accidentally dial 911, stay on the line and speak to someone to let them know there is no emergency. Otherwise 911 center staff will need to call back or send a police officer to investigate to determine if there is an emergency.

Ten-digit dialing coupled with living in the 919 area code means more people now dial numbers with the area code and ours is a prime candidate for a mis-dial and accidentally calling 911.

Ways to minimize the risk are to use caution when dialing numbers using the area code.

They provided good information, but I believe it’s likely that fighting the 919 area code is an un-winnable battle. So, when you accidentally dial it, don’t hang up!

If you need a moment of humor, watch this humorous video about changing the emergency number.