Fitts’ Law and Your Microwave

Most of you are familiar with Fitts’ Law and how it can be used to calculate movement time in an interface. You may even be familiar with how it ostensibly speeds up your use of menus on the Mac. But did you know it could improve your daily life? My friend Jeff Wilson did, and posted this helpful note over at his blog. Now, you too can directly benefit from Fitts’ Law.
Optimal Microwaving with Fitt’s μλ-Number

When pressing buttons on a microwave, “a lot” of time is wasted moving your finger around (as predicted by Fitt’s Law). You can regain these precious lost fractions of a second by modifying your button pressing behavior just slightly to minimize “costly” movements. The trick is to never press 0 (zero) on the microwave. Simply pick a number string of all the same number that is closest to your target time.

For instance if microwaving for 1 minute, which is normally 1-0-0, instead press 5-5 (55 seconds). You’ll be off a little bit but variations in microwave power make this negligible (when following directions on microwavable food for instance). Also, many microwaves allow input of seconds beyond 60sec (e.g. 00:88). So, in the above example 6-6 would work as well.

Click here for the whole post, complete with tables to aid your microwaving data entry speed.