HF Potpourri

Some interesting items that have passed through my reader:

  • Jerk can be emulated in software.  Cars with continuously variable transmissions sound and behave differently from other cars.  In this video, the speedometer and RPM smoothly increases (in most cars the RPM would bobble as gears shift and you’d feel a slight jerk).  I don’t know how I reached this page but Wikipedia suggests that some companies may emulate “jerk” (what you feel when the car shifts gears) to make the car feel more normal to the driver.
  • Need a quick wireframe for your website? Try Hot Gloo, an online wireframe tool [hot gloo]
  • With the coming wave of web-based health management, how do patients feel about putting so much personal health data online? [Journal of Medical Internet Research]
  • Type is about to look very different on the web [slate.com]