Graph extravaganza: Who are our “users”?

It’s Friday, so here are some interesting visitor statistics of the blog (based on the last 1580 visitors).  I meant to do this on our two year anniversary (two months ago) but better late than never.

First, where are our visitors coming from?  Primarily in the U.S. and Europe with some visits from China.

Visitors by Country (click to expand)

Zooming in on the U.S. and Europe:

United States (click to zoom)
Europe (click to zoom)

Next, what operating systems, browsers, and screen resolutions are our users using?  It appears to be Windows XP with IE.

os stats
Operating systems
Web browsers (the multiple versions of Safari could also indicate Webkit browsers like iPhone, Android and Palm Pre)
Screen resolutions (unknowns probably represent wide screen monitors or mobile phone sizes)

Finally, when people reach us using a search engine, which one do they use?

search engines
Search engines