Web-based tool to measure task workload

I frequently use the NASA TLX workload assessment tool to measure a user’s perceived workload after they complete a task (e.g., complete an information search task). When the test is administered with paper it can be quite laborious to administer and score. A stand-alone computer-based version has been available but has some usability issues itself. For one thing, the TLX requires lots of instruction–the test taker must be well-acquainted with the workload dimensions before they can accurately gauge their own workload perceptions.

David Sharek has created a Flash-based TLX assessment tool that’s still in beta but from what I’ve seen looks great. In addition to usability improvements in the administration of the test, other features are integrated instructions, and centralized data collection (which you can download).


He’s planning on creating an iPhone and stand-alone version and he’d love feedback on the tool:

It is still in beta and the interface will probably undergo a few more iterations before version 1. I’m hoping for as much feedback in two main areas – usability and features. I’ll use user feedback to guide the iterative design process from now on. An iPhone and a standalone version will also be available in the future.

Feedback can be directed to his email: david[at]playgraph.com.