Medication Adherence Case Study

I talked with an 80 year old man last weekend about how he remembers to take his medication. His solution?

Put all the pills in one bottle and take out what he needs each day. It appears to be an anti-organizer.

If you or your loved ones are more interested in environmental support, a new free application created by Consumer Reports helps to record what was taken when. Importantly, it also tries to catch potential side effects, which are a larger problem than one would hope in the age of the computerized pharmacy.*

*After trying out the application, I take this back. It allows you to enter all the information about any drug, using the information you are given with your prescription. However, it does not do any cross-checking with a database or alert you if two medicines you are taking could interact.

If anyone wants to give the application a try and post their experience, we’d welcome the comments. If you have ideas for improvement, Consumer Reports is just the kind of company that would like to hear them. I already have a few suggestions on the screen shots below:

Medication Tracking Application

Medication Tracking Application