Human Factors Blog @ SXSW

Anne was invited to be a panelist at SXSW on Friday, March 12 at 05:00 PM.  SXSW is a yearly music, movie, and interactive media festival held in Austin, TX.  The title of the interactive panel is With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: The Future of Video Games. Here is a description:

Video games are more popular than ever, and new games are delivering all kinds of social benefits, from video-game therapy for treating PTSD, to sims for train surgeons, to alternate-reality games that actually bring people together in real life. Will video games be a positive force for people and society in the future (as they arguably are today)? This panel is co-sponsored by Discover Magazine and the National Science Foundation.

Take a look at the event page for more information on the other panelists.  If you happen to be there, drop by and say hello.

She promises to document as much HF-relevant aspects of the conference as possible.  Here are just some of the talks she’s planning on attending:

  • History of the button
  • Long distance UX
  • Is the brain the ultimate computer interface?
  • mind control: psychology for the web
  • what guys are doing to get more girls in tech social gaming: lessons from the pioneers
  • products vs users: who’s winning
  • games for good