Online Banking Should Be Easier for Seniors

A new study has identified how poorly designed online and electronic banking is for older users and will seek to find remedies.

From the news article in

The new assistive technology developed by Newcastle and York researchers will be tried out by a variety of focus groups over 18 months.

Some ideas include a wallet shaped foldable display. One half would display recent transactions with dates and amounts, the other half your current balance, as a figure and an analogue quantity.

Monk said other assistive technology devices could mimic the ‘physicality’ of cash. This is important, he said, because many older people work in a ‘cash economy’ and are wary of ATM cards because there is no way to immediately see the amount of money being withdrawn.

From the comments section of the article, showing the need for this project:

I have an elderly relative who has arthritic hands. When trying to enter her pin number at the supermarket checkout, she cannot push the buttons on the keypad hard enough to make the number register. Could they be made more sensitive? Or perhaps replace the keypad with a touch screen? Or something else?

Here is a link to Andrew Monk’s homepage to stay tuned in for the results.

This news story was sent in by Darin Ellis of Wayne State University. Thanks, Darin!

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