Evil Interfaces

Excellent post at the EFF describing “evil interfaces“, or interfaces that may be deliberately designed to make you do things you did not intend to do:

As Conti describes it, a good interface is meant to help users achieve their goals as easily as possible. But an “evil” interface is meant to trick users into doing things they don’t want to. Conti’s examples include aggressive pop-up ads, malware that masquerades as anti-virus software, and pre-checked checkboxes for unwanted “special offers”.

Facebook and other social networking sites are used as prime examples.  Any others?

(via Slashdot)

3 thoughts on “Evil Interfaces”

  1. Interesting! I love to use the term. Thanks for Greg Conti for this. Now the world has good term for “”the act of creating deliberately confusing jargon and user-interfaces which trick your users into sharing more info about themselves than they really want to.” 🙂

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