Glass Shower Doors

I found this story about shattering shower doors first on The Consumerist blog and then the original by the author, Bob Sullivan at MSNBC (quoted below).

I had just finished showering and turned off the water. Soaking wet, I did what millions of Americans do every day — I reached for my snazzy sliding glass shower door. Seconds later, glass was raining down on me. The door had failed somehow and exploded into a million little pieces. The sound was hideous, something between nails on a chalkboard and a torrential downpour…

At first it sounds like an engineering issue: tempered glass shatters easily (although thank goodness it was tempered!) So, the trade-off is to have glass that breaks more easily, but is safer when it does break. The human factors issue that stood out to me appeared in the advice given by Kohler:

Do not use the shower door towel bars as a safety grab bar or as a lift assist when getting in and out of the bath, or lowering and lifting off a toilet. (MSNBC)

Do not put any weight on the shower door grab bar. (Consumerist)

So, don’t grab the grab bar, ya’ll.

*Photo credit Eqqman*

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  1. This is a timely post, as we are about to replace our shower door. Perhaps this problem could be solved by not installing towel bars or grab bars on the doors. Our old door had small vertical handle, just large enough to grasp with the fingertips. It was easy to operate, and its shape did not invite (or permit) the user to employ it as a towel bar or body support.

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