HFES Madness–There’s still time!

The annual Human Factors and Ergonomics Society meeting is next week in San Francisco.  If you’re attending as a presenter (of a lecture, a poster, or a symposium), consider participating in the HFES Madness Sessions!  These new sessions (organized by Anne, Kelly Caine, and me) are short-burst advertisements for your talk.  We’re borrowing this idea from our friends at SIGCHI.

The sessions are:

  • Tuesday at 7am (because of the early plenary)
  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 7:15am

At 25 seconds long, there is definitely room and it’s not too late!  If you want to participate, just send your name and a slide to HFESmadness@gmail.com.

Information about each madness presentation will be posted to a dedicated website and Twitter.

Preparing Your Madness Presentation

To participate, please prepare a single slide in PowerPoint or as a pdf. Your slide will appear on screen for 25 seconds. Or, you can even show a video, as long as it is 25 seconds or less. Feel free to be creative! At CHI 2010, presentations included everything from a research rap video to a limerick that summarized research findings. If you don’t have PowerPoint, we suggest you go to http://www.openoffice.org, where you can save your presentation as a PowerPoint file. If you submit a video, it must be a WMV file and must not be longer than 25 seconds.