Redesigning the airline boarding pass

Designer Tyler Thompson gets frustrated with boarding passes and attempts to redesign them.  I recently had a very similar experience with a boarding pass: my first flight was delayed and my connecting flight was taking off in minutes.  As I sprinted through the airport I glanced at my boarding pass only to stop dead in my tracks as I had to devote all my attention to examining it for useful information (I missed my flight).

Old boarding pass
Mock up
Mock up

4 thoughts on “Redesigning the airline boarding pass”

  1. Posted a follow up on my blog – it will come through in a few days.

    Essentially, i think it’s a good effort, but there are maybe some errors.

    The descriptors are really small (GATE etc).

    I’d be making them the bigger text and the numbers the smaller ones. I’ve mixed up my seat number and the gate before.

    The above with 26A and 29 is a great example.

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