I see a very smudgey future…

As the YouTube commenter in the video noted: BUY STOCK IN WINDEX NOW!!!

These concept videos are meant to show how technologies that do not yet exist could be used. Just like concept cars, they show what is possible now but hint at the not-to-distant-future (at least for the company who made the videos). Here are some more:

Knowledge Navigator from Apple (don’t know the date but I saw this in the early 90s). Conversational agents

Starfire: Sun Microsystems (1993), huge displays, video conferencing

Apple Futureshock (late 80s), conversational agents, transparent screens, GUI, gestural interaces

A more recent one from Microsoft showing the future of health:

Another recent Microsoft one that pre-dated the iPad (and I wish existed!):

Finally, one of the most prescient concept videos (almost everything shown in the video is possible now): AT&T’s “You will” concept video/advertisements.

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