Crowdsourced Usability III: Skype

The new Skype client for Mac has received some very loud complaints about the redesign mostly centered on usability.  Skype has heard the cries:

We want you to create the chat style for an upcoming version of Skype for Mac that will be enjoyed by millions of people around the world. We’ve put a template together containing everything that you’ll need to get started and build something wonderful.

The competition will run over three stages, each lasting three weeks. Two winners will be selected at the end of each stage: a judges’ choice winner that will be selected by our panel and a people’s choice winner, as voted for by Skype users. These six winners will go forward as finalists for the grand prize.

To make it easier, Skype is providing the template files (html, css) and a simulator that you can use:

Why not flex your human factors and usability muscles and give it a try?  They are offering some great prizes to the winners too!

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