Does this color make me look fat?

Funny post from Consumer Reports showing that perceptions are altered by color:

Wearing black is the time-honored technique for appearing thinner without shedding an pound. Apparently it works for the iPhone 4, as well. Recently an avalanche of news and tech sites reported that the white iPhone 4 was thicker than the black iPhone, even showing side-by-side photos claiming it was 2mm thicker than the black version.

Consumer reports tested the claim. Head on over to see the results.
Remember, trust your instruments, not your perceptions. 😉

More reading:
Nakano, M., Tanabe, S., Mori, Y., Ikegami, B., & Fujita, I. (2005). Expansive and contractive size perception with color patches. Journal of Vision, 5(8).

Photo credit Mujitra at Flickr.