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This story was passed to me today by Matt Shipman, who writes about research on The Abstract.

An excerpt:

[Right – Comparison of two road signs, Highway Gothic on the left, Clearview on the right, 2007. Credit: Wikimedia Commons – click on link to see large]

The previous road sign font, Highway Gothic, was hard to read because of very small counter spaces, or the enclosed shapes of a letterform (the inside of an “O” or “P”). Clearview, with larger enclosed shapes, taller lowercase letters and better letterspacing, is easier to read from a distance and at night.

[Left – Clearview letterforms. Credit: Wikimedia Commons – click on link to see large]

Clearview improved drivers’ reading accuracy, reaction time, and recognition distance – all with a few small tweaks to the design. In this case, proper type is crucial for public health and safety.”

Really, it is worth reading the whole article. Enjoy!

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