Fun with confusing medication names!

Check out this post from The Consumerist about how unhappy the FDA is with Durezol and Durasal.

A hint: It’s ok if you accidentally use Durezol¬†when you wanted Durasal, but the penalty is high for using Durasal instead of Durezol!*

This link contains an explanation of the names:

When drugs are submitted to the FDA for approval, the Agency carefully screens their proprietary names for similarities. However, Durasal (salicylic acid) is an OTC medication that did not undergo the approval process. That is why the two names exist side-by-side in the pharmacies.

Thus far, the FDA is asking pharmacists to “be vigilant.” I think we know how that usually plays out.


*Durezol is eye drops. Durasal is wart remover.

One thought on “Fun with confusing medication names!”

  1. This probably isnt the only example of two medicines with similar names being mixed up.

    What if medication scripts had a couple of little boxes the Dr checked off to help inform the pharmacist- ‘Topical Use Only’, ‘Avoid Contact With Eyes’, ‘Don’t Mix with Anti-Depressants’, etc… but written in a more concise way. That way if a pharmacist though the doc meant one drug, but saw the checked box, the phram could call the doc or at least be forewarned not to give out the incorrect drug.

    I wonder if there’s a way to group prescription drugs in say 5- 10 major categories of most harm (Dont put these drugs in your eyes, Dont take these drugs at night,…), and then use those categories as sources for the med script box idea.

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