2 thoughts on “Mechanical exerciser interface from 1938”

  1. Really enjoying your blog and the humor you add! I am a psych grad and only recently discovered the Human Factors field. I am so intrigued, if only I had known many years ago!

    Does an ancient 30 year old, like myself, have any chance of getting into a MA program in Human Factors, with no computer science or engineering background?

    I graduated with a BA in Psych from University of Colorado in 2003 (ugh, old!). After a couple of years experience working with children as a Youth Advocate in a Domestic Violence Shelter, my plan was to complete a EdS in School Psychology. Life circumstances have lead me in different direction and I am interested in pursuing another career.

    Would greatly appreciate any advice you could give me on what grad schools are looking for and steps I could take to make myself at good candidate at this point in life.

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