The Incredible Hulking Factor

As I was watching the pilot episode of the 70s TV series “The Incredible Hulk” (thank you, Netflix), I realized the entire premise of the show depended on a poor interface (and lack of workplace communication). To set this up, Dr. Banner has recently self-administered gamma radiation to see if he can make himself stronger.

“How many units of gamma did you say you injected into yourself?”

“Three hundred thousand.”

“How do you know it was three hundred thousand?”

“I turned the calibrator up to uh, the last click. Three hundred thousand.”

“Little piece of white tape on it?”


“Well it’s like the electronic microscope that Ben modified for higher strength.”

“Are you saying that Ben modified the radiology unit in excess of three hundred thousand? But there was no marking on the tape.”

“Well, he hadn’t calibrated it yet. He was going to work on it this morning. He didn’t know how high he could get it to go.”

“(sighs) Well, how high did he get it?”

“Almost two million units.”

“I took a dose that high?”




(I’d also like to point out that the pre-tape dial has no units on it. But if I started doing that with this TV series, I’d never stop.)